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Monday, December 10, 2018

Aguachica Section will receive visits from Academic Peers

Mar 15 2017

In order to verify the minimum conditions for the Renewal of the Qualified Registry of the System Engineering Program in the Aguachica Sections, from this Thursday, March 16, Academic Pairs to the institution, who will develop this visit until Saturday, March of this year.

The programming begins in the morning hours, with the presentation of the minimum requirements, by the Academic Vice-Rector; Jesús María Valencia Bustamante, to continue with the presentation of the institutional component by the Vice-rector of the section; Arley Domínguez Quintero. This activity will also include officials from the ARCADIA offices, permanence, planning and systems.

Then in the afternoon hours will work on the indicators of the program in general, this activity will be in charge of the director of the same, Álvaro Oñate Bowen. In the same way, the teachers Katherine Beleño participate; Coordinator of the Self-Assessment Committee and Miguel Alberto Rincón Pinzón.

The Friday will be the visit to offices, interviews and dialogues with teachers, students, graduates and employers. Finally, for the Saturday is expected to sign minutes and close the visit.

It should be noted that the Systems Engineering Program in the Aguachica Section has 14 years of service, with over 130 graduates and more than 270 active students.
More information.
Álvaro Oñate Bowen, Director of Systems Engineering Program, Cel. 3114023995
Journalist. Federman García, Cel: 3004537835
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