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Monday, December 10, 2018

With Anticorruption Plan we guarantee transparency in the institution ": Carlos Oñate

Mar 09 2017

The Popular University of Cesar became a participant through the presence of the rector of the cloister, Carlos Emiliano Oñate Gómez, in the forum "The Cesar against corruption", an important exercise of transparency organized by the newspaper El Pilón of this city.

The presence and participation of our institution in the event is in line with the guidelines that have been developed in the university in the fight against corruption and good management of public resources.

It is noteworthy that last February, through the rectoral resolution number 130, the "Anti-Corruption and Citizen Assistance Plan" was approved, for fiscal year 2017, in the institution. This Plan has been organized with the participation of all process leaders and in accordance with the guidelines established in the methodology "Strategies for the construction of the Anti-Corruption Plan and citizen's attention in accordance with the public policies of Risk Management of Corruption, Map of Risks of Corruption and measures to mitigate risks; Rationalization of Procedures, Mechanisms to improve Citizen Attention, Accountability and mechanisms for Transparency and Access to National Public Information, for each one of which has organized a Component within the Plan.

Regarding his participation in this event, the Rector Oñate Gómez stated that "we are present in this important event given our interest in the subject and as responsible for the management of the public. In our institution, since we have been in charge of the same, we have We have been very careful with the management of public resources. Last month we approved and implemented our "Anti-Corruption and Citizen Assistance Plan", with which we guarantee transparency in the institution.

For more information: José Manuel Fuentes Sajaut, Specialized Professional, University Planning and Development, Cel: 3003043514

Journalist: Federman García Cáliz, Cel: 3004537835

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